I have bags under my eyes … and a Wii

We stayed up late to collect a pre-ordered Wii at JB Hifi in the city last night. The midnight release ‘party’ was really funny with lots of nintendo fanboys hanging around playing their Nintendo DS handhelds in the queue.

So I’ve had about 2 hours to play it (Wii Sports Bowling, Wii Play ping pong, shooting, pose) and it’s really fun.

There were a few small glitches getting connected to my Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Initially I was getting an “Error 51130” when trying to connect to the network. I needed to use the full WEP key in hex, not the passphrase to get it to connect to the router. Also, I need to turn the routers wireless mode from “G-only” to “Mixed” .. presumably the Wii uses 802.11b, not 802.11g ?

During the initial update I then got an “Error 32002” (after 5 mins or so of downloading) .. to solve this one I just tried again and it worked.

Also, the User Agreement “click-wrap” for the Wii network sucks … nothing new really … Nintendo owns your soul etc (WiiConnect24 can update YOUR machine with THEIR hacks [er .. patches] to get around your useful software modifications at any time, no questions asked). Anyhow .. for the moment I’m forgetting all this nastiness and just enjoying playing it .. in the future I may have to diconnect it from the network in order to run Linux on it …

Now, I think I can fit in one quick game before work … 🙂

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