Flash Player 9 for Linux released : Quick install for Ubuntu Dapper

Adobe Flash Player 9 is finally out of beta ! No more feeling like a second class netizen on “flashy” sites !

Here’s how I installed it on Ubuntu Dapper (the package is for Debian Sarge, but seems to work fine):

Download flashplugin-nonfree.

Use right-click, “Save Link As …” and save it to \tmp.

$ cd /tmp

$ sudo dpkg -i flashplugin-nonfree_9.

(you’ll be prompted for your password, and once you provide it, the install should happen)

You can check if it worked by typing about:plugins into the URL box in Firefox. You should see something like “Shockwave Flash 9.0 d78″ on that page.

Now go view some F-F-F-Flash cartoons 🙂 (I don’t think Homerstarrunner requires Flash 9, but it’s the only Flash site I use on any regular basis)

Changing "Illustration" to "Figure" in OpenOffice Writer

I’ve decided to try and use OpenOffice Writer properly .. like take advantage of some of its more powerful features rather than just using it as a text editor with formatting.

For drafting manuscripts of scientific papers, pictures/photos/illustrations etc are usually referred to as “Figures”, however when inserting a picture via “Insert -> Picture -> From File ..” the default behavior of OpenOffice is to use the caption “Illustration”. This will not do.

From the OpenOffice Writer Guide, Chapter 8 [pdf], here is how to get it to use “Figure” by default:

• Open the “Tools -> Options –> OpenOffice.org Writer—> AutoCaption” dialog box.

• Under “Add captions automatically when inserting section“, check
OpenOffice.org Writer Picture, and make sure its checkbox is ticked.

• Under the Category drop-down list, enter the name that you want added,
eg, Figure, in the place by overwriting any sequence name in the list (it will probably have “Illustration”, before you overwrite it.) I also like my Figure label bold, so I also selected “Strong Emphasis” from the “Character Style” dropdown box. Press OK to save the changes.

Now you can insert a Picture using “Insert -> Picture -> From File ..” and the label should be “Figure”, not “Illustration”. The picture comes in its own frame, and you can edit the figure legend directly in the document.

Hmmm … Latex is not looking so bad again ….