Snow day

So, the reason I haven’t posted in a while is that I’ve had infrequent Internet access since I’ve made a temporary move to Washington DC for three months. I’m visiting the laboratory of a collaborator at the NIH, learning some techniques in membrane protein purification, refolding and crystallography.

Federal Government employees in Washington DC, like those at the NIH, seem to get a pretty good deal. If more than just a dusting of snow falls, then much of the Federal Government ‘closes’ … So this afternoon I got to go home early, since they called a “snow day” at 2 PM.

Normally this would be great … a free afternoon off … except with laboratory work of course it means that by dropping everything and leaving, my mornings work was for naught, and I’ll need to start again fresh tomorrow. I could have stayed to finish things off, but I was told there was no guarantee that the Metro (trains/buses) was going to stay open.

Ah well .. tomorrow is another day … (on which I can optionally come in to the lab two hours late … due to snow 🙂 )

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