SDF Public Access Unix celebrates 20 years

The Super Dimensional Fortress Public Access Unix has now been in operation for 20 years ! SDF is a non-commercial member supported BBS, which offers free accounts with Unix shell access, and a friendly and vibrant community.

I’ve been a ‘lifetime’ APRA member for a few years now, and have been using SDF for some lightweight web hosting (CGI in various flavours is supported). It’s really handy to have a reliable shell account somewhere out in the aether to check network connectivity from, and my interactions with the community have always been fun. The photos in this post show one of my aging PCs, proudly displaying an SDF sticker.

To get a free account and check it out for yourself, telnet to and login as new.

Happy Birthday SDF !!

(yeh, I know I labeled this ‘linux’, and SDF actually runs on NetBSD. Different OS, similar audience).

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