If pipettes could talk, oh the tales they could tell !

Occasionally impoverished University labs and early career researchers go looking for bargain priced lab equipment on Ebay … sometimes hard to get but still very useful equipment also comes up. A colleague of mine found this entertaining auction for a P20 Gilson Pipette, much of it written from the pipettes perspective. Here’s a quote:

For the purposes of full disclosure, this pipette has NOT resulted in data that has made it into Nature or Science (and in hindsight then the Cell paper may be considered to be a fluke). However, we choose to believe that that is the fault of both the editorial staff of these journals, and many a short-sighted peer-reviewer, rather than the pipette itself. Nonetheless, you may want to calibrate the pipette upon its arrival.

Fluke or not, a sentient pipette that produces Cell papers has got to be worth more than the mere $48 it’s currently sitting at ! Sadly (or maybe happily for them), it looks like the seller is leaving bench science and selling up their gear. I’ve no idea who it is, but they live in the same suburb as me, so there’s a good chance this is a fairly well-published senior scientist that I’ve crossed paths with at some stage. Also, don’t miss the (*) footnote at the bottom of the auction info about impact factors …

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