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About the author

I wear several “hats”.

I’m a scientist; I specialize in structural biology (at the molecular level) and bioinformatics. I’ve done some protein NMR spectroscopy in the past, and I hope to do some more in the future.

I’m a programmer; I write web applications and games, mostly in Python. More recently, I’ve been writing Android apps.

Blog Topics

Structural bioinformatics and structural biology (intend to write on it more, in reality I rarely do), Linux (although I mostly do that here now), Python programming, Web “two-point-oh”, more recently, geolocation (and Android). Like any decent blog, there’s a bit of Random Stupidity(tm) thrown in for good measure.

The tagline “Ideas are cheap, implementation is expensive; act accordingly” has been said by various people in various incarnations over the years, and I’ve no idea who said it first. This version is attributed to Ian Schreiber.

Day job

I’m a Postdoctoral Researcher, currently working at a university in Melbourne, Australia. I’m studying things to do with outer membrane protein structure, transport, insertion and assembly in bacteria and mitochondria, using structural biology and bioinformatics.┬áThis blog has nothing to do with the organization(s) I work for, or their various warped opinions. All the warped opinions on this blog are my own (or those of the commenters).

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